You’re Only Human Mom – 7 Things You Should Remember

For Hectic Moms – Tips To Make More Me-Time

7 Things All Busy Moms Should Remember

We can all sometimes become frustrated with the demands of the family – and modern life in general. Both are excellent reasons for moms to take time out for self-care. Undoubtedly, you will be better able to take the best care of everyone around you once you have made sure that your life is relaxed and balanced.

Here are a few essential principles from the TastyMoments team – let us remind ourselves:

Accept That You Cannot Control Everything All the Time:

As mothers, we may feel that we are responsible for everyone’s wellbeing. But moms will only be able to be at their best if they are not stressed. So, spoil yourself by taking a warm bath once in a while, read that book you’ve been putting off, take a walk with or without the family, meditate and come to rest. You should still have more than enough time left for everyone else. And, what’s more, you will be a sunny, bright shining presence in their lives.

Be Flexible:

Children are littlies for only a few years of their lives. Embrace them for who they are – even if they want to wear their Superman costume to school. Be as malleable as is reasonable. If you get tense, they will too, and these emotions can create distance between family members.

Look For Agreements

Negotiate, agree, and shake on a deal. Try phrases such as “If you finish your homework, I will make your bed this morning – but tomorrow morning, you will make your bed. Agreed?” This avoids a battle of wills, and everyone understands what to expect.

Easy Dinner Ideas Make for Leisurely Evenings:

If the kids get hungry early, simply pop a few Ital Pizza Minis in the oven. Mealtimes should be relaxed, comfortable and easy. You might like to play some happy music in the background and perhaps even have a fun swirl around the dance floor together to experience the warmth and love of a happy home.

Set The Morning Alarm a Good 30 Minutes Before the Usual Wake Up Call:

Morning rushes can be overwhelming. But, if the family is up and awake early, everyone can take it easy. It also allows time for a good breakfast – an excellent start to the day. And, of course, pack lunch boxes the night before.

Let Your Partner and Kids Share the Chores:

Whether it is folding the washing or taking the little ones outdoors, the family should share the load. Every mom is entitled to some ‘own’ time, now and then. And while you’re at it, you could ask the older kids to take on dinner duty one night a week. There are some easy peasy ways for them to achieve this. They can simply choose some toppings and a side dish and use delicious pizza bases, which can then simply be popped into the oven.

Sleep and Exercise:

Adults ideally need around 7 – 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. So, make sure that you are comfortable, snug and warm so that you can capitalize on this important part of your day. A bit of exercise during the day is beneficial and helps to ensure a good night’s sleep.

Our advice is to enjoy your family every day and try to be a playful friend to your children—good food and a good mood that is the formula for happiness and joy. Enjoy.

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