Want to make 2022 one of the best years yet? We’ve got 4 New Year’s resolutions worth making.

For Hectic Moms – Tips To Make More Me-Time

The last couple of years have been hectic. Let’s make 2022 different with four new year's resolutions worth making.

Let’s be honest. The last two years have been challenging to say the least. We’ve seen lockdowns, unpronounceable COVID variants and have watched the world of work evolve in front of our eyes. And as the world has changed, so must we. So, let’s drop the unrealistic new year’s resolutions of hardcore diets, gruelling exercise regimes and projects we may never finish. And let’s rather focus on building do-able, wholesome habits instead? Here are four new year’s resolutions the TastyMoments team will commit to this year.

1. Instead Of the Hardcore Diet, We Want to Focus on Eating More Plants:

We all know that dieting is a psychological challenge. When we deny ourselves of something, we tend to fixate on what we can’t have to the point that we crack and give in to the temptation. Instead of demonising certain foods like chocolates and treats, we recommend focusing on getting in more of what you should be eating. Let’s say your goal is to lose weight. Encourage yourself to eat the correct amounts of vegetables and fruits so that you avoid the crashes and cravings that come with eating whatever you like. It’s a simple switch, focus on what you should and want to eat, such as, plant-based foods and develop a healthy relationship with the treats that keep you sane. Lucky for you, easy and tasty vegetarian dinners are always possible. Dr. Oetker’s Green Valley Traditional Creamed Spinach is delicious and vegetarian. Enjoy!

2. Instead Of Unrealistic Gym Regimes – Try Getting Out of The House for A Walk:

We’ve all done it. We’ve hit 1 January and decided it’s time to go our butts to the gym. If going to the gym is a part of your natural routine and something you enjoy doing – it’s easy-breezy. But if you’re not naturally inclined to gym and resist self-imposed restrictions, maybe the gym thing isn’t for you. Instead of stressing about doing weights and running on treadmills (nothing wrong if that’s your thing), look forward to daily breaks outside. Go for a walk, kick a ball in the park or go for a swim. Another astonishingly simple way of getting the blood pumping is to do housework or gardening. The benefit of that is that you end up with a clean kitchen or a beautiful garden – it’s a win-win. Try and incorporate more gentle exercise into your routine.

3. Instead of Winning At All Costs, Can We Lead With Kindness:

Over the past months, we’ve learned that everyone is going through a challenge that we don’t understand. If you feel tired, run-down, confused by all the change and uncertainty, be assured that someone else, if not, everyone else is feeling exactly the same. Let’s all resolve to lead our conversations with kindness and empathy in 2022.

4. Instead of Collapsing In Front of The TV, Let’s Read More Books:

We’ll admit that we’ve been addicted to the escape of a good series lately. However, spending hours in front of the telly isn’t great. Scientists say that adults should aim for 2 hours or less of TV per day to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and deteriorating memory. Why not read a good book instead? Remember the magic of disappearing into your own world – we call it TV for the brain. Regular Reading has been proven to reduce blood pressure, decrease age-related cognitive decline and increase your ability to empathise with others. 

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