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You’ve Been Packing The Dishwasher All Wrong! Try These Tips To Get The Best Out Of The Most Used Appliance In Your Home.

Do you know how to pack your dishwasher correctly? We know the frustration of waiting for your dishes to come out of the washer only to discover that some of them are still dirty. It’s gross and unhygienic! So TastyMoments has found the top tried and tested tips to get the most out of your dishwasher!

No Need to Prewash!

Because the bottom parts of dishwashers get incredibly hot, experts recommend placing your plastics in the top drawer to prevent warping, melting, and shifting during the wash. 

Plates Go in the Bottom Drawer

When you’ve all done with your slices of Ital Pizza Familia as a quick and easy dinner, put your plates in the bottom drawer. Try not to nest them – or stack them too closely. This will prevent the water from reaching the entire surface of the plate – leaving parts grimy. 

Cups and Glasses Go In the Top

Place glasses, cups and mugs in the top drawer, ideally at a slight angle, so that dirty water doesn’t collect in the bases.

Cutlery or Silverware

You’d be surprised how many people don’t know that your cutlery should face up (put them in handle-first – so the spoon or fork prongs stick up) and not down when placed in the basket. The only exception here is sharp knives that could be dangerous if left poking upward. 

Large Utensils Like Serving Spoons

Any larger utensils, such as serving spoons and spatulas, should be placed in the top drawer with your mugs and glasses. If they’re placed in the utensil holder, they will block the spray arm and affect the cleaning process. 

Overloading and Noises


A good rule of thumb is that if your machine is making clanging or banging noises (beyond its usual rumble and whoosh), the chances are good you’ve overloaded it. Check whether you’ve somehow blocked the spraying arm with an object that is too tall for the bottom drawer. As much as we love the idea of saving water – overloading your machine might cost you more water in the long run. Instead of creating a situation in which you must rewash a lot of your dishes, instead make sure your dishwasher is packed cleverly but not too full! 

Other Tips

  • Placing large objects near the machine’s door may block the soap dispenser from opening correctly – so keep large pots and pans away from the door.
  • Place pots and pans facing downward at a slight angle to ensure that they don’t completely block the water that sprays upwards to the glasses and mugs.
  • Never put wood utensils in the dishwasher – as wood is porous and may become brittle or crack later due to oversaturation.
  • Sharp knives are best left for handwashing – as the dishwashing process and intense heat may shorten their lifespan.

Enjoy becoming the new master of the dishwasher in your home!

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