The Ultimate Guide To Black Friday Shopping

The Ultimate Guide To Black Friday Shopping

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This is your ultimate guide to shopping with smarts on Black Friday

How to bag a bargain this black Friday.

This is your ultimate guide to shopping with smarts on Black Friday.  

We have inherited more than Halloween and Ford Rangers from America. We also now have Black Friday! Many of us are looking forward to the most hyped-up shopping event of the year.

But where does the term Black Friday come from, we may ask? Well, the term was first used, not for holiday shopping, but to refer to a financial crisis – the crash of the USA’s gold market in 1869. Two Wall Street financiers, gents by the names of Jay Gould and Jim Fisk, bought as much of the country’s gold as they possibly could. They thought if they could create a scarcity, they would get a higher price for the mineral when they started selling their stock. On Black Friday their plot was discovered. But, instead of anyone getting rich, the stock market went into free fall, bankrupting investors.

Here are a few tricks and tips from TastyMoments to save us from the temptation of bankrupting ourselves. Rather make sure you bag a bargain!

1. Make a list of what you really want – or need

If you make a list, you are much more likely to stick to your game plan. Whether you are visiting brick and mortar outlets or shopping online, the list will be you and your family’s compass in the wilderness. Time to get the kids to pop a generous Ital Pizza Familia in the oven and gather around the table for a family meeting. Is it going to be new shoes all round, a larger freezer, or perhaps the gas braai you’ve all been eyeing for a while…? Time to vote.

2. Make price comparisons way ahead of time

Whether it is ONE DAY ONLY!!!, BARGAIN BASEMENT PRICES or NEVER TO BE REPEATED! There are only so many shout-outs that a human being can resist. So, stick to your guns. Many retailers push a loss leader out there to get shoppers to focus on one good price. But once those items have been sold, they may already have you hooked. Shop owners know that it is really tempting to stay in the store and shop around for other options. This is where the pre-prepared shopping list comes into play. It will stop you from splashing out on stuff that may not even be bargains.

3. Try and stay with reputable stores that you know trust

A few years ago, retailers tried to rename Black Friday ‘Big Friday’, but the name just didn’t stick. So, let the ‘Black’ part remind us that this is also the time online scammers and hackers spot the opportunity to trick people into sharing their confidential information. This is normally done by way of offering shoppers ‘something for nothing’ if they agree to sign in for special offers, gift cards or coupons. With personal details in hand, they are able to hack into accounts and trick people out of their hard-earned cash. As always, the simple rule is: If it seems too good to be true, it usually is!

If one considers that the Americans are expected to spend over $90 Billion in the 3 days between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, one can understand the level of temptation. But, unless you have lots of cash to flash, keep it calm and cool and you’ll have lots of fun – and no regrets.

Enjoy these TastyTips?

PS. Have one of your own? Let us know in the comment section below.

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