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Think self-care is about bubble baths? Think again! Here’s the ugly truth.

We recently stumbled upon the saying, “self-care is not about bubble baths and chocolates. It’s about creating a life from which you do not want to escape.” We may have paraphrased it a bit, but wow, did that sentiment hit us in the guts. Many bloggers tell us that self-care is about cooking romantic dinners for two, indulging in bubble baths and slices of Patisserie Baked Cheesecake. And yes, while those things are great ways to reward yourself with a bit of “me or us time”, they don’t go very far when it comes to creating lifestyle changes that will leave you happier in the long run.

So today, we’re looking at the tough, ugly side of self-care. Here are three TastyMoments tips to help you truly take control of your life to feel better, more confident and calmer.

What’s Really Going ON with Your Finances?

Yes, most of us hate looking at our finances, yet most South Africans are battling to make ends meet. We do not deny that life is particularly difficult during COVID. Still, we recommend that you take a frank look at your finances to avoid falling into debt traps and other financial misfortunes. Instead of shuddering when someone says the word “grocery budget”, we should be celebrating their self-care by prioritising their financial wellbeing. To truly claim that you practice self-care, you should be prepared to take a hard look at your spending habits. If you’re living beyond your means, you’re only causing yourself more harm. The ultimate stress buster is knowing your financial status and taking tangible, consistent steps towards achieving financial health. 


Get The Most Out Of Your Lemons And Garlic

Did you know that you can get more juice out of your citrus fruits by zapping them in the microwave for 30 seconds – 1-minute? The heat softens the fruit and makes it more pliable when you’re squeezing the goodness out of them. Also, peeling garlic is a cinch when you wrap it in tissue paper and put it in the microwave for 10 seconds on high. The peel comes off like a dream!

Master the Art of Saying “No”!

Many of us are people-pleasers, but that can come at a real cost to your mental wellness and time. Experts recommend that you practice the art of saying no when people ask you to exceed your boundaries. For example, suppose a family member constantly asks you for time-consuming favours (that aren’t reciprocated when you need help). In that case, it might be time to say no. Do a “people audit” in your life – and try and weed out the toxic ones who drain the life out of you. Got an old school friend that is a drama queen? It might be time to say “no” the next time she tries to wrap you up in her drama. You may feel like you’re letting her down, but it’s not worth it if her drama comes at the expense of your wellness and time. 

Challenge Your Beliefs and Attitudes:

Have you spent your whole life telling yourself that you’re stupid, ugly, fat and other terrible things? It’s time to challenge the stories we tell ourselves and the beliefs we hold about others. Proper self-care means interrogating yourself occasionally. Be honest with yourself. If you’re unhappy with your weight, are you taking steps to change it? If you want to go further in your career, what are you doing to make that happen? If someone irritates you, ask yourself what they trigger? We often become victims of limiting self-beliefs that can become a very damaging habit. It might be helpful to grab a pen and a piece of paper to write it down so that you commit to the process. We all have the habit of living comfortably in denial of what we can change and what we can’t change. If you can change something you dislike, do it. If you can’t, try to accept if not embrace it. It can only be better for your peace of mind. 

Remember, self-care is caring about yourself enough to do the hard things. No matter how unpleasant they may be. If you’re brave enough to do it, you will be rewarded true mental freedom, which is worth much more than bubble baths and chocolate. 

Enjoy these TastyTips?

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