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Teach your kids a love for books

Books are an ideal source of entertainment in a time of quarantine and loadshedding. Especially when everyone is bored, the batteries are running low and you feel as if you’ve watched the “whole” of Netflix ten times over already.

This is the supreme time to teach them the magic of reading. Get ready to re-experience the blessing of books.

Here are six excellent reasons why, from the team at TastyMoments:

  1. Books are the principal go-to place for knowledge: knowledge about the arts, nature, faraway lands, other cultures, a new language, philosophy – and even the place to learn practical ‘how-to’ skills. We can guarantee that, if any of you can think it, there is a book for it.
  2. Words stimulate the imagination. A person is only ever limited by that which they cannot imagine. Books will help to teach your children how to dream and how to conjure up new scenarios that are sure to aid them in their journey through life.
  3. All forms of communication rely on the ability to tell a story. Storytelling helps to develop critical thinking skills that are required in so many everyday situations. By reading stories, kids learn how to tell stories.
  4. By reading, children learn how to focus on a task. The ability to concentrate is a vital prerequisite to learning.
  1. Books help to develop superior language skills. And, no matter whether the medium is digital or a piece of paper, language skills are highly prized and much valued. Research has shown that people with excellent communication skills earn way more than those who have not developed this talent.
  2. Books are an ever-ready source of entertainment – no electricity required. In the time of a vicious virus, compounded by periods of no power, it could be a great idea to buy each of your children a headlamp, so that they can read on…

Look out for Part 2 next month on exactly how to teach your kids a love for books. In the meantime, reading out loud to them and getting some audiobooks from the library to listen to on the school run are two fantastic places to start. Enjoy!

Enjoy these TastyTips?

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