For Hectic Moms – Tips To Make More Me-Time

This is part two in a series on how to encourage your children to read more.

This is part two in a series on how to encourage your children to read more.

It’s as easy as pie to use TV as a babysitter. Let’s be honest; we all do. No shame in that, working mom. Here’s the thing, it may take a little more effort – but, no doubt also provide you with more enjoyment and a feeling of achievement – to teach the littlies the love of reading. After that, they will have uninterrupted access to a treasure trove of adventures and general knowledge. And, they are sure to become even more confident at school. Bonus!

Here’s how: Announce a bookcation.

  1. Start by reading to your children, preferably from an early age. But it is never too late to start. So, whatever their age, bring out the books.
  2. At dinner and in the car, talk about books and what you have learnt. Get an audiobook or share with them a passage that stood out for you. (You may want to catch a pre-cheat and read a paragraph or two ahead of time.)
  3. Show your enjoyment. Being transported into a different world is very special, wherever or whatever that may be: Nature, Science or Winnie the Pooh. Teach them about the food of different cultures and show them a map of the globe. Let them discover the magic of an atlas. 
  4. Think of a different time (the Mesozoic Era and dinosaurs); old cities (Italy and the history of Rome), climate change (Antarctica and elephant seals) or exotic land animals (New Zealand and marsupials). Then let them read on.
  1. Another great way is to watch a movie and then get hold of the book. The adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle could be a good start – exciting, riveting and mysterious all at once.
  2. Lastly, remember a place called the library? Many libraries have time slots when volunteers read to kids. Take them and let them explore the shelves. Ask them whether they enjoy fiction or something more factual and guide them to explore new authors. Afterward, spoil everyone with their favourite Ital Pizza while you discuss your book choice and the day’s experience.

A love of books is probably the most precious gift you can give your child. Now, sit back and watch them thrive …

Enjoy these TastyTips?

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