Teach your kids to have an attitude of gratitude!

2 Ways To Teach Your Kids An Attitude Of Gratitude

2 Ways To Teach Your Kids An Attitude Of Gratitude

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Teach your kids to have an attitude of gratitude!

Attitude of gratitude for kids?

Here’s how.  

First, let’s look at the incredible benefits of instilling the habit of gratitude in a child. There are, in fact, many, many reasons that gratitude serves us all well.  As Lewis Howes expressed in his New York Times best-selling book “An Attitude Of Gratitude”: If you concentrate on what you still want, you’ll always be wanting, but if you focus on what you have, you’ll always have everything you need.

Everyone at TastyMoments agrees, he’s definitely onto something.

Much research has been done on the people who consciously practise being grateful for what they have. Some of the findings are quite surprising!

Firstly, people who openly express their appreciation for life and what life has given them are healthier. There is a real connection between body and mind. They have lower levels of inflammation, more regular heartbeat, sleep better and eat more nutritious foods than those who don’t. Also, because of their upbeat attitude, they have more and deeper friendships. And, just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, they achieve their goals more often, get to be chosen to be prefects and – bonus – the parents get more promotions at work. No wonder the Americans have an entire day dedicated to Thanksgiving. They certainly got that right.

Being appreciative helps everyone to focus on the positive, even if someone is having a bit of a bad day. But how do you get the kids to be more conscious of being conscious? Here are two sure-fire ways in which to achieve this.

Write It Down

Start by keeping a family journal. If the younger ones are too little to write, you can do the writing for them.

Let everyone mention a great thing they noticed during the day. If you keep it light and make it fun, you’ll uplift everyone’s spirits.

Start with simple things like the roof over your head, the Ital Pizza Familia next to the salad on the table. Or the fact that you love and care for each other. As the kids grow up, they should each have their own gratitude diary and make an entry every day. Thankful feelings also teach them empathy and a polite manner in their dealings with people. Considering that children with a positive attitude have more resilience, better problem-solving skills, higher self-esteem and fewer mood swings, the effort is certainly worth it.

Teach Them To Acknowledge Their Own Efforts

If they’ve tried their best, done their homework and have studied for the exam, they can feel proud of themselves, no matter what. They need not compare themselves to others. We know that we love other people, but how often do we pause to love and praise ourselves? Only when we are thankful for who we are and what we’ve achieved, can we experience true happiness.

Well, now that we realise the importance of saying thank you for who we are and what we have achieved. How about everyone saying thank you out loud before tucking into that delicious dinner? Bon appetite, everyone.

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