For Hectic Moms – Tips To Make More Me-Time

5 ways to create more romance at home

In the past, when we felt like a bit of romance, we probably headed for a restaurant. Now that we wear masks and cannot throw our heads back in laughter, we need a different plan, an at-home plan. What to do, we ask ourselves?

Here are a few ideas from the TastyMoments team that may just help make magic.

1. A happy home

Happiness and laughter are the most infectious ingredients of life. If there has been a bit of discomfort lately, it is no use pretending that everything is hunky-dory. Try to find the smile and laugh about the sticky moments. Share a joke about whatever it was. Laughter and light are indeed the main ingredients of love.

2. Respect

Show your partner how much you respect them by doing the little things that matter to them. Go out and get some candles, any candles. The perfumed, thicker candles are better. But, any candles should do the trick. If the little ones are hanging around, make extra sure they cannot get to them. There is nothing more memorable than a candle-lit dinner. Make sure you take the fire with you when you retire to the bedroom. They may even put you in the mood to share some secrets.

3. Flowers

There is no need to go and splash out on an expensive bunch of blooms in these days and times. Even a few cuttings from the garden will surely be welcome. Or, may we ask, when last have you eyed the colourful succulents on your neighbour’s pavement. Not only will a cutting be a beautiful gesture on the evening, but you could also plant it the next day – literally ‘growing love’.

4. Fire in the heart(h) of the home

Fire has significant meaning in most cultures. Not only does it bring warmth on a cold night, but it is also considered to represent the generative power of life in the forms of enlightenment and illumination. It is also often seen as a sign of passion and drive. So, if you have a fireplace at home, get some wood ready, spread a blanket, pop a Ristorante Pizza in the oven and see where the evening takes you.

5. Get comfy and ditch the devices

Yes, it’s true. We are making a case for daytime (or night-time) pyjamas. It is so much nicer to relax in clothing in which you feel most comfortable. Once you are nice and snug, put the phones and tablets away. It’s time to focus on your partner and no Instagram scroll can ever replace the feeling you get when you look each other in the eye and have a heartfelt, real conversation. So ditch the devices for the night and make a point of “being in the moment”. Life is short and no one ever wishes that they spent more time on Facebook when they’re old.

Now, relax and enjoy the restaurant atmosphere in your very own home.

Enjoy these TastyTips?

PS. Have one of your own? Let us know in the comment section below.

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