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It’s time for a girls night in (or out)

Restrictions are easing - it’s time for a girls night in (or out).

Here are the five essentials you need for a superb outing.

Yes! Spring is in the air, and life is returning to some kind of normal. There’s only one thing to do, celebrate being alive with a girls night (or day) in (or out). If you need some inspiration on what you can do for a girls night (or day), check out these ideas.

Here’s what the team from TastyMoments considers essentials for a fantastic girls night:

The Drinks

Whether you’re a full-strength cocktail, or more of a mocktail kinda gal, special drinks make an event feel festive. Why not try one of these trendy drinks to compliment it? Frosé is frozen rosé, served as a slush of ice and pink-blush wine. It’s the perfect boozy midday cooler. Strawberries are in season, so why not try your hand at making a strawberry daiquiri? With or without alcohol, these drinks make for awesome pics and taste even better than they look. YUM! Fancy something a bit more bitter instead? Aperol Spritzes are the way to go. These orange cocktails are made from Prosecco (Italian sparkling wine) combined with Aperol liqueur for a fresh, clean taste. You can either stay-in and make these at home or go find them at a bar or lounge. 

The Treats

We can all agree; no girls night is complete without a bit of indulgence. Sweet treats and girly-times go hand in hand, we say! We recommend grabbing a couple of slices of Patisserie Baked Cheesecake to dress-up as you see fit. It couldn’t be easier. Each pack contains two slices (you may need a couple of them depending on how many people are coming), so just remove from the freezer and zhoosh them up with flowers and drizzles. We particularly like this passion fruit and white chocolate drizzle idea our team has dreamt especially for occasions like these. Calories simply don’t exist when you’re giggling with your girls. 

The Food

Ditch the diet and splurge a bit. Make pimped Ital Pizzas, make gourmet burgers, order-in some takeout or go out for a bite at a restaurant. Just make sure everyone eats enough and lines their stomachs if they’re going to be indulging in a drink or two. 

Safety First

Oi. It’s a sad reality, but we’ve got to take care of our girlfriends. If you’re out, walk in groups, rather take a taxi if you’re going to have a drink and make sure everyone’s cell phones are charged and out of sight. It seems obvious, but you forget these things when you’re having fun out on the town. It’s not about putting a dampener on the good times but rather about being confident that you can really enjoy yourself safely. Another tip is to make sure that a close family member knows where you guys are. 

Other basic essentials include plasters – for blistered feet if someone’s wearing super high heels and a liver tablet or a painkiller to spare you a bit of pain if you are going to drink.

HAVE FUN ladies! 

Enjoy these TastyTips?

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