4 Ways To Get Fussy Eaters To Try New Things

4 Ways To Get Fussy Eaters To Try New Things.

4 Ways To Get Fussy Eaters To Try New Things.

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4 Ways To Get Fussy Eaters To Try New Things.

Fussy Eaters?

Get them to try new food this way.

We all know the look of horror on a kid’s face when we serve something new for dinner. Not to mention the tears – especially when it comes to vegetables. But one thing is for sure, no matter how hard we try, we can’t force them to eat. 

So? How do we get them to open their minds so that they learn to enjoy all the food on the table? Here are a few tried and tested ways to tempt them into being more adventurous from the team from TastyMoments.

1. Let Them Grow Their Own Food

No matter how small they are, or whether you have a spacious garden or a few pots on the balcony, you can teach your kids the magic of growing vegetables. Buy a few small veggie plants and some potting soil at the nursery, and show them how to plant these little miracles. Once small green tomatoes start to form, and they see how these turn into big, luscious red fruits (yes, the humble – but indispensable – tomato is a fruit) they should be hooked. Who does not want to taste the fruits of their own labour, after all?

2. Allow them to choose the fruit and veg at the greengrocer

When your child sees exactly how vital fruit and veg are to so many people, it may just make them wonder whether they are missing out. Surrounded by mountains of produce, they will be fascinated by the displays and colours. Pick one or two vegetables and discuss their nutritional value with your kids. And, how they will grow big and strong they could be if they eat enough of these wonder foods. A better understanding may make a big difference.

3. Choosing their own toppings for tonight's pizza. Kiddie heaven!

Here’s an easy dinner idea! Buy a few Ital Pizza Classic Bases. Let them chop up some healthy veggies such as tomato, spinach, broccoli and mushrooms. Add some slices of pepperoni or salami. Then let them grate their favourite cheeses. Game on!  Set a time limit to create their works of art. The only condition of this pizza competition is that they have to use a minimum, but an equal amount of each vegetable. Use a measuring spoon or a cup. And, don’t forget the garlic – no pizza is complete without chopped garlic soaked in a bit of oil.

4. Next time, ask them to cook a soup as a starter

A butternut and carrot soup is an excellent place to start. These yellow and orange staples are sweet and delicious. Simply buy peeled butternut pieces and let them cut the carrots in chunks. Help them to chop an onion and fry before adding the veg. They could even add a bit of coconut or regular cream. Once the soup is liquidised, it should be yummy enough to convince the fussiest of little ones. 

We bet, if you make it fun and throw in a few facts about where veggies and other foods come from you will have a bunch of adventurous eaters on your hands – for life!

Enjoy these TastyTips?

PS. Have one of your own? Let us know in the comment section below.

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