Lockdown Food Trends That Are Here To Stay

Lockdown Food Trends That Are Here To Stay

Lockdown Food Trends That Are Here To Stay

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Lockdown Food Trends That Are Here To Stay

As we settle into the “new normal", as everyone calls it, we're seeing a few significant food trends that will stay around long after the regulations have changed.

The team from TastyMoments have scoured the web to keep you in the loop. Do any of these sound familiar?

1. Friday Fakeaways

Yes, we can order takeout and go to restaurants lately. Still, many people are opting to make their own favourite takeaway foods on Fridays. According to BBC Good Food, “there was a mammoth rise in online searches for takeaway favourites like ‘homemade sweet and sour sauce’ (up 120%), ‘chicken katsu curry’ (up 300%) and, by far the most popular, ‘how to make southern fried chicken’ (up by over 5000 %)!” One thing you won’t have to make from scratch is Dr. Oetker Ital Pizzas because their new and improved bases taste just as good as a takeaway, if not better. Thank goodness for that!

2. Sourdough Mania

Online searches for homemade sourdough bread and sourdough starter (the bacteria-based concoction you need to leaven the bread) have skyrocketed since lockdown. It’s obvious why – sourdough smells and tastes divine. The process of making the starter and baking the bread can be quite laborious and time-consuming. But, there is nothing that beats the taste of freshly baked bread that you created yourself. Besides, what has lockdown given us, if not a lot more time to bake delicious things?

3. Bake The World

Another huge at-home trend is the rise of amateur baking. Remember the banana bread everyone was making? Well, this is another trend that seems to be here to stay. Baking is a well-known stress buster and a fantastic creative outlet for those who may be feeling a little frustrated with all the restrictions.

4. Local is ALWAYS Lekker

Yes, we’ve seen a whopping increase in online shopping during the pandemic. However, some local, neighbourhood shops are also seeing an uptick in trade. People are less willing to travel to crowded malls and are much more comfortable popping into the local grocer to pick up daily essentials. Besides, we all know the economy isn’t thriving; so many people are opting to support smaller, family-owned businesses to help them survive through the lockdown.

5. Happy Hour At Home

Despite local restrictions, international booze sales have been soaring. According to new research from OnePoll on behalf of John Lewis and Waitrose in the UK, 25% of people who drink have said they’ve been drinking more since lockdown. What’s more, tequila sales have soared 175% during the lockdown, with gin and rum also popular, and liqueurs up 78% as consumers try new cocktails. Locally we do know that pineapple and yeast sales also exploded at the beginning of lockdown. There are obviously many South Africans who have tried their hand at brewing their own beer. Where there is a will, people will find a way. 

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