5 eco-friendly gift ideas

Skip The Plastic, Try These 5 Eco-Friendly Ideas Instead.

Skip The Plastic, Try These 5 Eco-Friendly Ideas Instead.

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Save the planet with these 5 eco-friendly gifting ideas

Stumped for gifts?

Try these 5 clever eco-friendly ideas.

Everyone in the TastyMoments family has been obsessed with reducing the amount of plastic we use. Yes, we recycle, but that’s not enough. We want to do our bit and really go plastic-free this festive season. That means, homemade, paper crackers and eco-friendly Christmas décor and trees. 

So why not extend the concept to gifting? We all know that the joy of giving is the real gift. So we recommend these 5 thoughtful and eco-friendly gifts that are low on plastic and big on experience. 

1. Tickets To A Show:

Yes, yes, not everyone’s ready to go back to the theatre yet, but there is a myriad of shows available online. Support South African artists and buy your loved ones a ticket to a virtual or real-life event. You can make a real fuss about it too if you’re watching it at home. Make sure you get some snacks (Ital Pizza Pizzinis make incredible canapés). And grab some cocktails (or mocktails) so that you can really enjoy the show in style. Dim the lights and let the show begin! We promise the memories you’ll make will last far longer than any traditional gift. 

2. Vouchers For A Pamper Session:

Support a small business and spoil your nearest and dearest with a bit of a pamper session. Think nails, hair, massages and facials. If that’s too pricey, you can make your own “salon” vouchers which can be redeemed for an at-home spa experience. You’ll need a couple of things from the beauty-shop, but you can also make your own scrubs, massage oils and moisturisers at home

3. Explore Your City:

Another cool idea is to pretend you’re all tourists in your hometown. Give everyone a voucher to go on a tour of your city or a nature reserve in your area. Again, this is an excellent opportunity to bond and learn while exploring your hood safely. If you’re in Johannesburg, you can do the Haunted House tour or even plan a day trip to the Magaliesberg to see some wildlife. Wherever you are, find a tour company and see what they have on offer. If you can’t afford that, you can always do your own with planned stops, and you can play tour guide, just make sure you do your homework beforehand.

4. Escape Rooms:

If you’ve never tried this, you MUST! An escape room is basically a large, interactive puzzle. You get locked in a room, and you’re asked to get out within a time limit. The space is full of clues and riddles, which, when solved, will allow you to escape. Played in teams, it makes for a very exhilarating experience, especially if you’re as competitive as we are. Don’t worry if you’re not a genius – the room tests a variety of skills, and it requires everyone’s brainpower to escape. May the best team win! 

5. Unleash Their Inner Artist:

If you haven’t noticed, artisanal competition reality shows are all the rage at the moment. There are programmes on glass-blowing, pottery, knife-making even flower sculpting which has sparked renewed interest in these artforms. Why not buy someone you love a course on any of these subjects? Or do it together? It will be so satisfying to serve that next easy dinner in a dish that you made yourself. 

Got any eco-friendly gifting ideas to share? Let us know in the comments below. 

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