Beat The Battle With Broccoli (And Other Veggies)

Beat the battle with Broccoli (and other veggies)

Beat the battle with Broccoli (and other veggies)


Every parent faces a battle with broccoli at some point. It makes sense. Scientists have proven that kids have different taste buds to adults and are more sensitive to bitter tastes than we are. That’s why they love sweet things so much!

Yep, we all know the feeling when your kids refuse to eat their veg.  But with our battle-plan, you can defeat the broccoli blues once and for all.

Don’t sneak it in

The thing about “sneaking” veggies into meals is that we’re implying that the ingredient isn’t tasty or is something to be avoided. Rather opt for transparency and talk positively about the ingredients you use in your cooking. Make a point of mentioning the nutritional benefits such as strong teeth, healthy bones and shiny hair so that your kids start connecting healthier foods to healthier physical outcomes.

Get them involved

Allow your kids to develop a relationship with their veggies by involving them in the cooking process. You’d be amazed at how keen they are to try new ingredients when they’ve had a hand in making their very own masterpiece.

Plate with shapes

If you have a bit of time, make an effort with how you plate their food, especially the veg. You can make a smiley face or colour block the veg. Let your imagination run wild, the less it looks like dull and boring veggies, the more likely the kids will be to eat it.

Make them taste great

If it doesn’t taste good to you, it sure won’t taste good to them. Make a point of spending time on your veggies and giving them some love with herbs, spices, butter and seasoning. There is no reason to eat boring plain, steamed greens when you could have delicious creamed spinach instead.

Grow Your Own Veggies

Nothing is more rewarding than growing and eating your own veggies. Your kids will love the process of planting the seeds and watching the plants grow until they yield fresh plump vegetables. And then they’ll get to enjoy it for dinner! 

We suggest planting exciting and more exotic greens like kale along with the more familiar types like beans and tomatoes. Variety is the spice of life after all.


What are you waiting for? The battle with broccoli can be won!

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