5 Summer Pool Braai Ideas For 2020

5 Summer Pool Braai Ideas For 2020

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Get summer-ready with these pool party ideas!

Try these awesome summer pool braai ideas.

Get ready to say goodbye to the year that wasn’t! It’s time to chill out the max with these awesome 2020 summer pool braai ideas from TastyMoments. 

1. Ola, Mexico!

Arriba Arriba! That means “hooray-hooray” in Spanish. Say hello or “ola” to a different kind of braai theme. Why not host a Mexican pool party? Mexican food is HUGE at the moment. To host a Mexican themed pool braai – let your guests know to dress up for the theme. Then create your Mexican menu. Think salsa, nachos and guacamole (a spicy avocado dip), mini burritos (wraps filled with meat and beans) and small tacos or nachos as a starter. Mexicans are big on braais or “barbacoa” (barbeque) as they call it. For main we recommend making Mexican barbeque chicken served with a slice of our signature pimped Mexicana Ital Pizza. Don’t forget to make some margarita cocktails (or mocktails) to pair with the meal. Enjoy!  

2. Hello Hawaii

If you’re old enough to remember Tom Selleck in the 80’s TV series Magnum PI, you will know the vibe we’re going for here. Think tropical prints, pineapple and hibiscus cocktails (or mocktails), little paper umbrellas and lots and lots of Ital Thick’A Hawaiian Pizza. For the braai, you can make Huli Huli Chicken (a sweet and sour taste) and don’t forget the lilos! 

3. Instagram Pool Party

This is for all you wannabe Instagram influencers out there. Why not have a bit of fun with the theme and ask someone to take some killer photos throughout the day? Ask your friends to dress up as their favourite influencer and serve all the Insta-worthy foods and drinks of 2020. Think Dalgona Coffee, Freakshakes, a Korean-style barbeque (so hip right now) and gourmet donuts. Make sure you spend extra time on making the food look as good as it tastes, you may have the next Instagram hit on your hands. 

4. The Pretend-You’re-At-A-Live-Show Pool Party

There are so many incredible concerts available to watch on TV nowadays. Think about your favourite bands and find a live show of theirs to watch. Invite your buddies and watch while you dip in and out of the pool while having a good old-fashioned South African braai. The food here doesn’t matter as much as the music, the sing-along and the vibe. 

5. A Doggie and Pool Party

This one is for our dog-lovers. If you’ve got a pup – and they’re well socialised – why not host a doggie play date while you braai and lounge at the pool with your friends? It’s very healthy for doggos to mix and you’ll have hours of fun watching them play with the kids in the garden. You can even braai the doggies some meat (after you’ve prepared the human food). 

Trust us. They’ll ruff you for it. 

Have you got any other excellent pool party braai ideas? 

Enjoy these TastyTips?

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