For Hectic Moms – Tips To Make More Me-Time


“Mooooooooom, I need help with a sum. Moooooooom, can you make me a snack? Moooooooom, when will you stop working?” Sound familiar?

Don’t have enough hours in the day Supermom? These tips will help you take control of your time.

COVID-19 has forced moms to become superhuman overnight. We are now responsible for cooking, cleaning, teaching, working and supporting everyone’s mental health while we persevere through one of the biggest challenges of our collective lifetime. It’s easy to be overwhelmed and become paralysed by it. 

Never fear, the team from TastyMoments have a few tips on how you can turn chaos into order. 

Take 30 Minutes Each Morning To Plan Your Day In Detail

Allocate a quick 30-minute slot to planning your day each morning. Take this time to schedule your workday and any help your kids may need with their schoolwork. If you have a clear idea of how you want your day to rollout, the chances are good that you’ll feel confident and more productive as a result. This also means scheduling in some me-time. That way, the hour of yoga you’ve intended to do since April is now a realistic possibility. As the old saying goes, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. So stop, breathe, make a list, look at each hour in the day and go from there.  

Work Out A Weekly Meal Plan

Tired of the predictably mundane questions like “what’s for dinner”? A weekly meal planner not only helps you make the best of the groceries you have at home (less waste), but it will also help you feel in control of mealtimes. Scheduling meals also allows you to include your family in the prepping and execution. If you’ve got teens, why not give them a few meals to cook for the family in the week. You will be astounded at how excited even the sulkiest teen can become when they’re in charge of dinner tomorrow night. Another benefit of the meal planner is that you can plan your groceries better, which means less time wasted in queues at the shop for last-minute ingredients.

Delivery Apps and Other Time Savers

If possible, consider exploring the world of digital shopping apps. This may seem obvious to some but many of us still doing shopping the old-fashioned, time consuming (and now, mildly risky) way. Grocery apps allow you to do your shopping in front of the TV at night so that your goodies can be delivered the next day. Shopping through an app also prevents you from making unnecessary impulse purchases – so budgeting becomes easier. There are also hosts of productivity management apps that allow you to easily schedule in chores so that nothing “falls off the list” and becomes a problem later on. There is nothing quite as miserable as running out of gas for your heater in the middle of winter. Another time-saver is frozen food (if you’re in doubt, read up on the Truth About Frozen Foods) like Dr. Oetker Nice ‘n Easy meals. Frozen foods like veggies and Ital Pizza bases are real time and money savers. 

Rally The Troops

Don’t feel overwhelmed while everyone lies on the couch, staring at their phones. Instead, get them involved. The pandemic has tipped everyone’s lives over, and it’s time for everyone in the family to pull up their socks and help. Don’t expect your family to sense your frustration and be compelled to help. We all know that won’t work. Instead, create a family chore list. From taking out the bins to picking up the dog poop, everyone’s hands need to be on deck. When the chores are done, praise the do-er and acknowledge the effort. Also, let them know how it’s helped you free-up time to complete another task so that they start getting an idea of the challenges you face daily. Who knows, it might just become a habit for them?

Enjoy these TastyTips?

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