Keep Cool While You Homeschool

Homeschooling was once the exclusive territory for alternative parents who wanted to give their child a different kind of upbringing. With the COVID-19 quarantine, homeschooling has hit the mainstream and parents the world over and wondering how they’re going to manage it.

Here are a few tips to help you keep your cool while you learn how to homeschool.

Empathy is Important

If you don’t feel like homeschooling, imagine how hard it is for your child. Your child is used to a structured routine with classmates and teachers and now it’s all been put on hold. Don’t expect your child or yourself to get through a full day of homeschooling as if he or she were in class on a normal day. It’s a lot of pressure on you both. And this may lead to a snappy parent and a demotivated child. Rather plan the lessons for the day and allow for some flexibility around these, know that everything may NOT go according to plan. And that’s OK. It’s a strange time for everyone. So be patient with yourself and your little ones. 

Set-Up a Dedicated Learning Area

The closest you’re going to get to a classroom is by setting one up in a quiet space at home. Granted, not everyone has the luxury of privacy during lockdown but try and create a place away from the usual family traffic. Avoid places like the TV room, if you have one, as this is sure to distract and tempt even the most savvy students. 

Know Your Child

If you’ve got a studious reader, lucky you. All kids are different, so it’s best to understand what motivates your child and what they enjoy doing. If you structure the lesson in a way that appeals to that, you’ll most likely have a far more engaged student. Rather than doing plain-old math, why not get them to learn about fractions while baking? If your kid is a sports-nut, why not incorporate ball-play into learning? Get creative with how you communicate with the individual child and you’ll see great results. 

Phone a Friend

If you’re stuck with a lesson or can’t help your child because you’re on ANOTHER video-call, then rely on your friends and family to help. Let grandpa get involved with the science and let another class-mom help with geography. It takes a village to raise a child and no one said you had to be a math genius, just rely on your network to help out when you’re stuck. Technology makes it so easy and we promise your kids will enjoy hearing from another “teacher”. 

Just remember, this too shall pass and one day you will look back on these days and miss them. They grow up so quickly, don’t they? 

Enjoy these TastyTips?

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