For Hectic Moms – Tips To Make More Me-Time


As restrictions lift and change, your kids may become confused or anxious.

Here are a few ways to help them cope.

As COVID-19 restrictions start to relax a bit, your kids might be experiencing a range of emotions, from happiness to anxiety. It such a strange and new time, that no one knows a tried and tested magical formula to help keep cool and calm during a pandemic such as this. Whether your kids are going back to school, or you’ve opted to keep them home, they’re bound to be a little confused and scared of the new world outside. Think about it, you kids have been home for months now, and they’ve been instructed to stay far apart from other people. Now that restrictions are easing somewhat, it’s entirely reasonable for them to be unsure of how to behave. TastyMoments has got a few tips to help you support your kids as we come out of quarantine.

Routines For The Win

We thrive on a bit of routine, especially when we feel our lives are a bit out of control, kids even more so. Make sure you create safe spaces and consistent habits to give your family a sense of security and stability. If possible, make dinnertime a safe space to discuss and share their feelings. There is nothing so wrong in the world that a hug from mom and a slice of Ital Pizza Familia can’t make better. 

Discuss The Restrictions Openly

Do your best to explain the restrictions to your kids, in an age-appropriate manner. Reassure them that it’s completely normal to feel scared and confused. Make sure you unpack the new restrictions in a way that is meaningful to them. For example, restaurants have reopened, but what does this mean for your child. Do they understand that they may need to wear a mask and avoid physically playing with other children? At school, social distancing still applies, teach them how to gauge a 2-metre distance and how to express themselves if they feel unsafe. The more confident and equipped they feel, the less anxious they will be. 

Remind Them This Is Not Forever

Do you remember how long a week felt when you were a child? Imagine how long and frustrating this period has felt to your kids. It has to become a theme in the home; this is not forever, and we will, at some point, regain some form of new normality. Make sure they understand that there is hope. 

Remind Your Kids That This Is Not About Them

It’s often hard to accept rules when you feel that they don’t apply to you. Or when you don’t understand why a rule exists. Make sure your kids understand the concept of “the greater good” and that life often asks us to sacrifice a little bit, to help other people. Make sure that they understand that masks are there to help prevent the spread of the disease and that social distancing measures are there to protect people who might get very ill from the virus. Praise them for “doing their bit” to help humanity beat the spread. Make them heroes for complying with safe behaviours so that they feel good about it. It’s amazing what a little bit of acknowledgement can do to turn a grudge into a pleasure. 

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