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About us

Hello, Busy People of The World!

The world is a hectic place. Time is at a premium and you’re in high demand. Whether it’s helping with (surprisingly difficult) Grade 5 homework. Cooking a healthy and tasty meal. Or working 16-hour days, we all need a little bit of help to get by. That’s why we created TastyMoments. Welcome to our world! We hope you’ll join the community.

We’re here to make you look good. We’re here to uncomplicate everyday life stuff and let you know, you’re not alone. We’re here to save you time while you shine. And have a little giggle while we do it.

What is TastyMoments?

We are the “happy place” for busy moms and hectic people. We’re for everyone who needs a little bit of help when it comes to making life easier and tastier, in every way.

We want people to say “oooh”, “aaaah”, “wow”, “yay” and “please send me that idea?” We’re about making moments of delight. And, making everything simpler and less time-consuming than it already is.

Why TastyMoments?

Because we believe that you can have your cake and eat it too. You can make the fancy pizza and still be a present host at the party. You can be in the moment, instead of slaving away at chores and wondering what the heck to cook for dinner tonight. You can be a great mom, guilt-free and play superhero dress-up. You can have the me-time and still maintain a routine. You can have your friends over for dinner, feed them amazing food and still feel relaxed. We are here to help simplify, demystify, have fun and a bit of a laugh because life’s too short not to. We exist for real people, who have real lives and not perfect ones. Even though those guys are welcome here too, we all know they’re pretending. We’re not about Insta-perfection. We’re about good times, loud, belly laughs and moments you will remember forever.

We’re all about clever, convenient ideas that make people say “Wow, I had no idea you could do that, that’s genius!”

We’re here to make you look good. We’re here to uncomplicate everyday life stuff and let you know, you’re not alone. We’re here to save you time while you shine. And have a little giggle while we do it.

Who is TastyMoments For?

We are the champion for moms-who-motor.

We are the directory for do-it-all dads.

We exist for busybody families.

And for young professionals who work silly hours.

We’re there for your first-ever-meal-you-cooked-by-yourself-and-it-was-amazing.

We’re here for when you’re bored, need some inspiration and need a new idea for a great tasty-life sensation.

We’re here for the people who value the delicious over the complex. The people who don’t like the tiny portions and little twirly-bits that leave you hungry. We’re here to help you get on top of life, home, family, food in a way that is real and simple. No mess, no fuss. Only great ideas to try at home so that you can share meaningful moments with the people you love most.

What do we offer our family?

Tips, blogs, hacks, recipes, wellness ideas and good news for everyone.

But! We offer our fans exclusive access to even more good stuff.

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We’re for your community, we’re for guilt-free moms, we’re for busybodies and fast-foodies.

If you want no-frills, quick-sticks ideas to save you time and energy, we’re you’re people.

Easy Food

Our Fast-Foodie Philosophy

Our food philosophy is simple. If a real-mom with real pressures can’t do it, we don’t do it either. We believe food should be enjoyed and shared with the people you love. That’s why we aim to help you spend less time in the kitchen. And more on the couch, laughing with friends and family. We coined the term fast-foodie, because we know great food can be quick and tasty at the same time.

Frozen Food and Convenience Meals Are Our Besties

Did you know that most frozen foods are preservative-free? The goodness and nutrients get locked-in through the blast-chilling process. So, the food naturally preserved, without the need for nasty chemical. There’s nothing wrong with frozen – even Jamie Oliver says so. Frozen foods are super-practical and easy-to-prepare. We aim to make them taste as good as the homemade thing (using a few tricks of course). In fact, we are proud to say that we love frozen cause it makes life easy-peasy.

And, minimises waste, cause you only use what you need. See? We're doing our bit for the planet.

Convenience solutions are also a firm favourite at TastyMoments. We have genius found ways to inject new life into tinned foods, ready-meals and snacks. And, then zhooshing them-up with fresh food items you will have in your pantry. If it’s nutritious, tasty, easy and clever, we’re you’re go-to-happy-food-hacks-and-recipes-place. And, if you have a cool idea for us to test in our kitchen, drop us an email. We want to hear all about your tips and tricks so that we can share them with people like you.


Because Life’s Too Short and Modern Living Can Be HECTIC

We’re all about spreading the love man! Think good news, local stories and stuff that makes your heart pump chocolate sauce. Have a story that inspired, lifted you or made you smile? Tell us. We’ll scour the Internet for tasty life moments that make you happy and feel connected. You’re not alone in this world. You should feel good about your country, your lifestyle and your community. We embrace diversity. It’s only through inclusion and empathy that we can make the world a tastier place for happier moments. It’s a big dream but with your help, we can make the world a little more joyful.

Health and Wellness For Busy People

Love your body, mind and soul - the easy way!

We only care about useful and easy-to-apply wellness and healthcare tips.

Health as a concept can be overwhelming, to say the least. There are a million fad diets, exercise routines and experts out there. Who do you trust? And do you honestly have 2 hours to meditate every day when 15 minutes will suffice? And are 10 000 steps a day necessary? Since scientists have proven that it doesn’t really matter health-wise after 7500?

TastyMoments does the homework for you. We will only recommend tips, hacks, tricks, ideas and advice that ANYONE with a demanding lifestyle can apply. If our team of writers, researchers, influencers and at-home chefs can’t do it, we don’t recommend it.

So? What are you waiting for? Subscribe now, join the family and enjoy TastyMoments every day.