Why You Should Get Your Kids To Help Around The House

Why You Should Get Your Kids To Help Around The House

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5 Good Reasons Your Kids Should Help You At Home

5 Reasons Your Kids Should Help In The Home

Here are 5 very good reasons from the team from TastyMoments as to why you should teach your kids to help around the house.

There are some excellent reasons to get your children involved in daily chores. Here’s why…

  1. For starters, you are teaching them valuable life skills – how to do things like cooking and cleaning up after themselves. This means they learn, from an early age, to take responsibility for their immediate environment and how it operates. Keeping things clean and in their place means that life is more manageable than when there is chaos. Life is more complicated when no one knows where their keys, swimwear or running shoes are hiding. 
  2. The next lesson is the value of teamwork. As a member of the family, your children are part of a team. Team members have different roles. The little ones can do tasks such as picking up their toys or putting their plastic plate and cup into the sink. The older ones can be taught how to pack the dishwasher, or even sort the laundry and start the washing machine. And if you can find a child-sized broom, the sweeping of the verandah is also sorted.
  3. Learning a new skill builds a strong sense of self-respect. It also helps them to start planning activities and managing their time. Teaching them how to set the oven to pop in the Ital Pizza for dinner, setting the table and making a simple salad will empower them – and may even be the making of a Masterchef!
  4. If you call a family meeting and involve everyone in working out a daily task plan, they will be more likely to stick to it. It will teach them that an agreement is an agreement and needs to be respected. What’s more, completing an assigned job brings a feeling of deep satisfaction and reward. It helps to build character and instils discipline in a person.
  5. Unpack the groceries. By handling and packing away the food in the house, the kids will learn that these essentials don’t just drop out of the sky. Parents have provided for the family. This understanding can create a work ethic that will stand them in good stead for the rest of their lives. 

Barbara Coloroso, in her book “Kids Are Worth It!” wrote: “If parents do chores with a sense of commitment, patience and humour, the children will have a model to do likewise”

So, there you have it – they will look to you to see whether tasks around the house are something to try and be avoided at all costs, or pleasant duties that everyone should team up in which to participate together – as one.

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