5 Awesome Office Year-End Party Ideas Your Colleagues Will Love

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Struggling to think of year-end party ideas for the office? Here are 5 thoughts to inspire you.

December is around the corner, and we’re planning our year-end office party at TastyMoments. So, we thought we’d share 5 cool ideas we’ve been tossing around the boardroom table to help inspire you and your colleagues.

1. Scavenger Hunt and Picnic

Social distancing is still one of the best ways to prevent the spread of COVID. Instead of going to a stuffy, expensive restaurant, why not plan a scavenger hunt and a picnic for your department? A good old fashioned treasure hunt brings out the happy child in even the grumpiest finance person. All it takes is a little bit of planning. First, you need to scout a location, a nice big park close to your office will do. Then, plan your route and work out the clues you’d like your teams to solve. Please don’t make them too easy or so impossible you’d need to be a genius to work it out. Try and keep things exciting and even include a few puzzles to help get the team spirit going. Once the hunt is done, set up a beautiful picnic with fresh salads, cold slices of La Mia Grande Pizza and lots of cold drinks. Finish it all off with a custom cake from YourCake.co.za with your company logo printed on it.

2. Set-Up A Virtual Party with Games

If everyone is still working from home, it may be easier and safer to host a virtual office party. You can download apps like House Party and play games there or get an external supplier to arrange it for you. There are some really cool ideas out there, like getting your team out of a haunted house, pub quizzes or virtual Olympics.

3. Cooking Lessons

Why not take your team to learn how to cook a new dish and enjoy the food (and maybe a spot of wine) afterwards? You can always book the kitchen for an extra couple of hours, and party like you’re inside someone’s home. Just relax and kick back with some home-cooked food and laugh about your HR lady’s chopping skills.

4. Ugly Outfits or Dress-Up Party

One way to get everyone to let their guard down is to host a themed dress-up party. One of our favourites is the Ugly Outfit theme. We borrowed it from the American tradition of wearing ugly Christmas sweaters around the holiday season. Why not hand out prizes for the worst-dressed person. It’s hilarious! Not feeling brave enough? Try a 90’s theme party instead? Whatever the theme, make sure you have some spare props for those who might have forgotten their outfits. One year we all dressed up like Christmas Trees. It was a hoot!

5. Office Awards Ceremony

Like the Oscars but for people at the office! Poll your staff on made-up categories that will appeal to your team. Ask them to vote for colleagues in categories like “Best Dressed”, “Office Comedian”. Include some off-beat ones like “Worst Parking Skills” to make it funny without being hurtful or too personal. Trust us, no matter your age, everyone likes winning an award, regardless of how silly it may be. Ask your team to dress up for a night at the Oscars and spoil them with fancy finger foods, cocktails and mocktails.

Enjoy these TastyTips?

PS. Have one of your own? Let us know in the comment section below.

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