Got teens in the house? Here’s 3 good reasons you should teach them how to drive.

3 Good Reasons Why You Should Teach Your Kids How To Drive

3 Good Reasons Why You Should Teach Your Kids How To Drive

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Got teens in the house?

This is why you should teach them how to drive.

Self-drive cars are not really here, yet. And we all remember how intimidating The Official K53 Learner’s and Driver’s Manual when we first had it in our hands. At the tender age of 18, the test was booked, and everyone seemed to expect the newbie to just get in the car and get it. No way, José. That’s not how the story goes. The first time can be downright scary.

The good news is that you can teach the little ones from a young age to watch and learn during every school run. Here’s why from the team at TastyMoments.

Children are impressionable.

Youngsters are receptive, and love being taught new skills. If you take time to point out the objects you take into consideration when you’re on the road, they too will start to take notice and adopt these skills. 

An excellent way to get them involved is to ask them to point out objects that may affect your driving. You could show them the recycler and his trolley a good 50 m ahead of you in traffic demonstrate that it gives you time to change lanes. Or point out that you stay 5 m away from that pack of cyclists (even though they should be riding in tandem). This way, they will learn how to avoid potential obstacles.

Remember, they will learn from you.

When you’re behind the wheel, you’d better be on your best behaviour, Doll! If you lose your temper and shout at the guy who is not sticking to his lane, they are likely to do the same. Impatient or angry people take chances. Instead, demonstrate that you have allowed enough time to get to your destination in a pleasant mood. That way, they will feel safe and relaxed and adopt responsible driving habits.

But, most important, set an example when it comes to your mobile phone. Do not look at text messages, even at robots. Texting while driving is now considered to be more dangerous than drunk driving. Seriously. So, don’t fiddle with the phone or the controls while driving. 

It goes without saying that you should not be ferrying kids around when you have had a glass or two. Instead, get everyone home safely and have a refreshing drink while serving a quick and convenient Ital Pizza in front of the TV. Here’s a cool tip. Slice up an avocado to add to the topping once the pizza is cooked. Avocados are considered superfoods and for good reason. More brain food!

3. Kids feel safe when they are familiar with things

If kids develop a level of familiarity with a vehicle, they will feel much more at home when they first get into the driver’s seat. Take time to point out the car’s pedals and their functions. When the youngsters are tall enough, let them press down the clutch and learn to change gears in a stationary vehicle. If your car’s an automatic, keep in mind that their first car might not be, so show them how to use the handbrake to prepare them for that first dreaded uphill start. 

Now, dream of the convenience and time saved when your eldest is equipped to fetch and carry the rest of the brood. Bliss!

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