3 Essential Life Skills Your Kids Must Know

3 Essential Life Skills Your Kids Must Know

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Are you empowering your kids with these 3 essential life skills?

How to raise better kids.

3 important skills which will help your kids succeed in life.

We all know that life skills are critical to a child’s development and growth. But how often do we take the time out to actively teach our youngsters the abilities that are critical to thrive in society? 

Here are a few things to consider and speak about from the team at TastyMoments. Whether it is over an easy dinner with ready-made salad and the all-time favourite, family-sized Ital Pizza Familia or while spending time on the school run together.

Communication Skills

Can you remember grandma gently pinching your ears if you didn’t do as she said? Well, this is probably because the ability to listen is super-important to enable effective learning. Whether it is on the playground, in a classroom or at home, your child can only be taught new things if they have learnt how to observe and listen. 

Equally important, they should understand how to express themselves clearly. Long chats with grandpa or other adults will help enormously to develop both verbal and non-verbal clues. How does mommy know that we’re getting hungry? Is it because we’re hanging around her in the kitchen?  

The simplest way to keep refining a child’s vocabulary is to teach youngsters the joy of reading. Yes, we know, there is always the Kindle – but we believe that the printed word is still the key to a magical world. Time to get ready for an afternoon visit to the library, mom and dad? 

Discipline And Self-Control

Kids need routines to feel safe and secure. It makes them feel in control of their world. And, if they get to help around the house, they will experience the joy of making a valuable contribution. Give them age-appropriate everyday tasks such as filling the dog’s water bowl or washing the bath before they get out.

Also, allocate space for them to pack away their own clothes, shoes and socks. Not only will they know where to find things, but they will also learn the time-saving value of keeping things tidy.

Any time soon turns into party time if you have vibey music around. So, make sure you download some of your favourite tunes on your mobile and refresh them now and again. If you are lucky enough to have a portable, battery-powered speaker, this also needs to remain plugged in so that you guys can pump-up the volume during downtime.

Being organised helps to prevent frustrations and tantrums. Talk to them about how an outburst may affect others. You could say something like: “I think Jenny was quite disappointed that she was not picked for the debating team. Don’t you think she handled it so well? By keeping control and congratulating her friends, she made them feel good. Bet you next time she’ll be included.”


Roald Dahl, author of the famous book ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’, had this to say about kindness: “I think kindness is my number one attribute in a human being. I’ll put it before any of the other things in life like courage or bravery or generosity or anything else.”

Kindness starts with respect for others, no matter who they are – your best friend or the people who serve you in a restaurant. Your children will learn from you and notice when you are being kind to others. Another way to alert the little ones to the value of kindness is to point out small acts of goodness by others.

In fact, in most aspects of life, your kids are sure to take the lead from you. So, let’s think of one thoughtful thing they can do every day. Doubt that there will be any leftover pizza, but perhaps, hand the other leftover food to a homeless person on the way to school. Let’s be good today.

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