For Hectic Moms – Tips To Make More Me-Time

3 cool-mom things you can do with your kids

Bored of TV?

Here are 3 cool-mom things you can do with your kids during the quarantine-holidays.

“Moooooom, we’ve watched the WHOLE of Netflix, what now?” Sound familiar? Quarantine has forced us to get quite creative with all the things we can do at home because the TV can only entertain us for so long.

Here are a few ideas the team at TastyMoments have collected to help you be the coolest mom in town.

1. Have A Family And Friends Sunflower Growing Competition

This sounds like a weird one but bear with us. A sunflower growing competition is an old (but super fun) way to get a bit of competitive spirit brewing between friends and family. It couldn’t be simpler. Get a group of people, whether it’s family, friends or an entire class to compete for the title of the tallest or heaviest sunflower grown over a specific period.

Each competitor will need:

  • Sunflower seeds
  • Flowerpot – you all decide on the size that works best for everyone
  • Compost and soil
  • Time – you all need to agree on the plant date and when measurements for the tallest plant (from base to tip) will be taken. If you’re measuring the weight of the sunflower itself, agree to how these will be weighed.
  • You could even start a WhatsApp group when you all share pics of your flower’s progress and keep-up the “gees“.

You’ll be amazed at how involved your kids will get (we’re all a little competitive, aren’t we?) and how much you’ll be able to teach them about the basics of gardening. Enjoy!

2. Tik-Tok Or Jerusalema Dance Challenge

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll most likely have seen Tik Tok dance challenge videos. If you haven’t, grab your closest young person and ask them, they’ll show you. They’re short-form video clips of people doing fascinating things, including dance challenges. Another dance craze is the Jerusalema “line dance” (we have no idea what else to call it) which has taken the world by storm. Performed by local star, Master KG, the song has over 62-million views on Youtube and is responsible for sparking the latest “Macarena-style” craze that has gone big in Europe and the rest of Africa. So grab the kids, choose your challenge (whether Tik Tok or Jerusalema) and get practising, trust us, you will be the coolest mom in town when you post that perfectly-imperfect video of your family dancing together.

3. 80's Movies, Giant Cookies, Freakshakes and Pizza Day

Pick a date and get your family excited for a spoil-day! Make sure you have all the ingredients you need to bake giant choc-chip cookies and make homemade “freakshakes (gourmet milkshakes with crazy toppings). Then, grab a couple of your favourite Ital Familia Pizzas (and “pimp” it with whatever extra yummy toppings your family loves) for the savoury part of the spoil-fest. Get a blanket, get couch-ready (tracksuits and onesies are a must) and let your kids discover the joys of 80’s films. There are so many but we think you should start with Dirty Dancing, Ghost Busters and The Goonies while you all munch and slurp away at the treats. And there you have it. The ultimate spoil day!

Enjoy these TastyTips?

PS. Have one of your own? Let us know in the comment section below.

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