10 Perfect snack ideas to fuel up your weekend – and score points with the whole family

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Bite into the perfect in-between snack – complemented by a few healthy sides

Eat Your Heart Out

The TastyMoments team recommends that you get your hands on the latest innovation from Dr. Oetker – Ital Pizza Pizzetta. Think of it as snacking that just got grown-up.

Whether you favour the three cheese or chicken and peppadew flavour, here are a few mightily exciting ideas on how to turn up the heat over the weekend. Our list starts with a cheesy fondue-style sauce with pizza dippers – a fabulous and easy snack for games or movie nights.

Next up is the pizza bruschetta meze platter – an array of little eats for a bit of variety. 

And finally, the Ristorante Quattro Formaggio Pizza sandwich. When popcorn won’t fill the gap, we have the perfect TV snack sandwich.

But then we also have a list of some other ideas for sensational in between meals fillers – whether you are watching sport or just horsing around.

Sliced Red Pepper and Crudites

A little-known fact is that red pepper is choc-full of vitamin C. One red pepper offers more than 300% of one person’s daily requirement. It could probably supply 100% of the entire family’s Vit C requirements for a day. A cream cheese and tuna dip will make the red pepper magically disappear in no time. You can also include other raw veggies. Why not try some sliced celery, busting with luteolin. It is well documented as a great way to prevent a whole bunch of common diseases. So, let’s go and crunch.

Fruit with Dips

What can be easier than slicing an apple and a pear or two and arranging it on a plate? It might sound silly, but once the fruit is cut, a family seems so much more likely to tuck in. Somehow a whole fruit can be a bit intimidating and much more friendly once sliced into bite-sized pieces. What’s more, these fruits contain antioxidants that promote gut health and reduce the risk of heart disease. To sweeten the deal, you can drizzle some honey over the fruits or add a peanut butter dip (apples pair very nicely with nut butters)

Devilled eggs

Who does not love the sight of a delicious stuffed egg? Boil some of the oval delights, fill them and see them fly off the plate. Packed with protein and Vitamin B12 and K2, they are a nutritious supplement to any snack.

Dark Chocolate and Almonds

Who would have thought that choccies would have made the list? Paired with almonds, the combination is loaded with healthy flavonols. Served as the dessert to the Ital Pizza Pizzetta, the kids will love you.


A tangy must-have ingredient in a Mediterranean diet, the plant compounds are believed to reduce insulin resistance and boost the body. If the thought appeals to you, you could also serve some avocado dip on the side. Avo reduces LDL cholesterol, improves arthritis and protects the skin from sun damage. So, together, these two pack a power punch.

Most of the above side dishes could probably even sneak their way onto the leftover pizza – if there is such a thing! Let’s embrace the TastyMoments in life.

Enjoy these TastyTips?

PS. Have one of your own? Let us know in the comment section below.

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